We Care Charity believes that there can never be too many volunteers. It encourages people to donate what they can - be it their time, money, or in kind - to help out those who are less fortunate.

Join us and help us help others.

We Care Charity offers volunteer opportunities for individuals. It has an established a food pantry and regularly supports soup kitchens & shlters. In line with this, We Care Charity has emphasized that everyone deserves the highest quality of service. 

We Care Charity areas of focus are the following:

Soup Kitchens - Each month We Care Charity feeds people from many towns across NH and MA.

​Children's Homes - We Care Charity regularly serves home-cooked meals to kids in homes in the cities of Nashua and Portsmouth. Aside from this, We Care Charity members also celebrate the kids' birthdays, join them in celebrating holidays.

Grains for Education - We Care Charity has helped kids from impoverished homes in India by providing food for their families. By doing this, these families will no longer send out their kids to work or beg for food. The children can, instead, attend school or just be free to be children. Apart from this, We Care Charity also sponsors the private school education for students in India.

Clothing Drives - We Care Charity's most notable clothing drive is the one they hold for winter. The winter clothing drive is for families who are homeless or living in shelters.

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